Famous Celebrity Vegans – Vegan Motivation and Inspiration For You

feat3The vegan lifestyle has developed an increasing popularity over the last few decades – and in particular, with the rich and the famous. If there is a particular actor or actress whom you are in awe at due to their flawless skin, sparkling eyes and astounding beauty, it may very well be that this person owes their health and beauty to the vegan diet. In fact, there are so many famous celebrity vegans nowadays that it is hard to keep track of them all, and the number just keeps on growing. Let’s see who these famous vegans are, why they are on the vegan lifestyle, and what lessons you can learn from their lifestyle decisions to likewise gain remarkable health and wellbeing. Observing their lifestyle choices can provide you with motivation and inspiration to try out the vegan diet for yourself.

Famous Celebrity Vegans – Who Are They?

In the music world, some famous vegans are Bryan Adams, James McCartney, Jason Mraz, Prince and Avril Lavigne. In the Hollywood world, some celebrity vegans are Pamela Anderson, Ellen DeGeneres, Anne Hathaway, Michelle Pfeiffer, Natalie Portman, Brad Pitt, Alec Baldwin, and Russel Brand. The world renowned film director James Cameron is also vegan, as well as 10 times Olympic Medallist Carl Lewis.

This is only a selected few famous celebrity vegans, there are in fact thousands more but they simply could not all be named here in this article.

Why Did They All Go Vegan?

Just look at the beautiful skin and svelte physique of Anne Hathaway, Natalie Portman and Michelle Pfeiffer. Their skin is flawless and their faces are glowing with health and beauty. Hathaway went on a vegan diet to prepare for her role as Catwoman, and after the film, decided to stay on the vegan lifestyle for good. She reports that because her body became so dependent on healthy eating, she really felt the negative health consequences if she veered off the diet. Now we know the secret to her peaches and cream complexion! Portman does not eat meat or dairy products for animal rights reasons, and she has been a vegetarian since childhood. With that slim physique and glowing skin, we likewise can attest Portman’s beauty to the vegan lifestyle. Carl Lewis, famous track and field runner, credits his outstanding field performance largely to the vegan lifestyle, and believes that vegan food improves his fitness and track performance.

What Can We Learn From Them?

All of these famous celebrity vegans became vegan for a variety of reasons, ranging from health and beauty, animal rights, and fitness. These celebrities are all aware of the many benefits of the vegan diet, and are willing to remain on this healthy lifestyle for obvious reasons. Some of the most well-reported benefits and positive side-effects of the vegan lifestyle are weight loss, increased energy, increased focus and concentration, flawless acne-free skin, anti-aging abilities, and a reduction of allergies.

The benefits of the vegan diet are obvious, and whether it is health and beauty, weight loss, increased fitness and energy, ability to concentrate better, or for animal rights reasons – you can be sure that the vegan diet will the ideal lifestyle choice. Famous vegans like those mentioned in this article can provide us with an immense amount of motivation and inspiration to make the switch to the vegan diet. Observing the healthy bodies, clear skin and healthy lifestyles of these celebrities are a perfect reflection of what they are eating.

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