Famous Celebrity Vegans – Vegan Motivation and Inspiration For You

The vegan lifestyle has developed an increasing popularity over the last few decades – and in particular, with the rich and the famous. If there is a particular actor or actress whom you are in awe at due to their flawless skin, sparkling eyes and astounding beauty, it may very well be that this person owes their health […]

What Are Good Vegan Sources of Protein? How Much Protein Do We Need?

As vegans, we are often questioned about getting enough protein. But how much protein is enough? And what are some good vegan sources of protein? Protein serves as the body’s building blocks, and having sufficient protein is essential for the body’s growth and maintenance. Among other tasks, protein builds muscle, repairs cells, plays critical roles […]

Becoming Vegan: Tips for Transitioning to a Vegan Lifestyle

Vegans are people who do not consume animal products – meat, eggs, dairy, or honey. They also do their best to not use other animal-derived ingredients in household or personal care products. Their goal is to reduce – or even eliminate – animal exploitation in their lives. People choose to become vegan for different reasons. […]